Hawaii Vacation: Hotels in Kauai

Hawaii Islands is one of the main vacation spots in the entire Pacific region, attracting a huge number of holiday makers not only from the US, but also from Australia, Japan, or European countries like the UK, Germany, Norway, and many others. All this people travel to Hawaii due to the stunning scenery, gorgeous tropical […]

Honeymoon In Hawaii For The Time Of Your Life

<img src="http://www.buzzle.com/img/articleImages/4693-37med.jpg" width="324" height="208" alt="Honeymoon In Hawaii For The Time Of Your Life" class="ImgBorder"Enlarge Image Hawaii is known worldwide as paradise on earth and for a good reason, it truly is everything it promises and more. Choosing your honeymoon in Hawaii will ensure you start your life together with great adventures and make wonderful memories […]

Will Hawaii Ever Become A Competitive State In Basketball For Talent?

Derek Low is probably the only player from Hawaii right now with a chance to play in the NBA. Basketball is good over here but because of the lack of size of most players, colleges don’t look here for recruits often. However, there are players with potential and size but because of competition are questioned. […]

What Is The Best Beach To Take Children To In Hawaii?

We are planning a trip to Hawaii soon, we aren’t sure which island or beach to go to. We are a family with a toddler and really aren’t interested in going to a party area, we just want a family area that has resteraunts and family entertainment nearby. What is the best area for famalies […]

Can Anyone Provide Information On Renting Vespas In Oahu, Hawaii?

The bf and I are vacationing next month and I was just wondering about the price, is there space to store personal items such as wallet+towels, can two people fit, and what time it should be returned for day rentals? THANKSSSS I rented a moped in Oahu and it was a blast, we did a […]

What Vegetables Are Best To Grow In Hawaii?

I’m building a box garden for my yard this week, I wanted to know what vegetables grow well here in Hawaii. Without a cold season, and it being September, what would grow well this winter? I appreciate any advice, I’ve been doing my research but haven’t stumbled upon any websites specific to this region. Thank […]

Where Are Some Good Vacation Rentals In Hawaii On Oahu?

I am looking for a 2 bedroom vacation rental on Oahu for 9 days in December. It doesn’t have to be to fancy just a clean place to sleep. My mother and grandmother are coming to visit so any place that has a local discount would be cool. 🙂 check www.vrbo.com, very helpful website

Hawaii Vacation Home Rental For Cash. Is This Normal?

We about to send a non-refundable check for $1500.00 as a deposit on a vacation home in Hawaii. Is cash normal for this type of transaction? I know there are a lot of scams out there. Thanks! Very normal. We rent our vacation home in california and we require 25% as a deposit and the […]

Hawaii Vacation Rental Guide, Help?

Do you know anymore Hawaii-related website offering vacation rental guide, help, Must See, Sights & Attractions, Recreation Information, Dining and Nightlife, Shopping and Best times informations? I know only one: http://www.alwaysonvacation.com/vacation-rental-guide/kailua-kona_60600/ here’s a pretty good site