The bf and I are vacationing next month and I was just wondering about the price, is there space to store personal items such as wallet+towels, can two people fit, and what time it should be returned for day rentals? THANKSSSS

I rented a moped in Oahu and it was a blast, we did a 24 hour rental and it was well worth it. But make sure that everything works b/c I got pulled over for a brake light being out and they have a small storage area right behind you that I put my purse in. If you decide to rent a car, thiefs can spot them from a mile away. Our rental was broken into while snorkeling and my purse was stolen so if you do leave anything make sure it’s in the trunk. I also saw people driving around in things that looked like dune buggies but for the road. Those you could put two people in not sure about storage. They were fairly easy to find. If your walking around the waikiki area you’ll see them normally a block or two off the beach.

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  1. Hi,
    we were there for a couple of weeks and tried everywhere to rent a proper scooter. There were no vespas available at all and also nothing that was really OK for 2 people. We tried everything in the yellow pages and also the concierge at the hotel couldnt dig anything up. We had to rent 2 small scooters which the locals call mopeds. Only 1 person can fit on those things.They have 50cc engines and you are not allowed to get on the highways with them. It was OK for us as we just wanted to jet around the Waikiki and Honolulu area and thats much easier with mopeds than with a car but if you are planning to go any further than it would be better for you to rent a car. Day rentals go from about 08:30-5:00. We took a 24Hr day for only 10bucks more and returned at 9 the next morning

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