Hawaii One of Top Romantic Getaways in the World!

It has been said that Hawaii is one of the top romantic getaways in the world. I believe it’s true because I live here, and most of our guests tend to be couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary. Hawaii is certainly a playground for many, but it is no doubt one of the top romantic […]

Tropical Islands do Wonders for the Mind!

Have you ever heard someone say that if they could just escape to some tropical islands that they would be able to relax and eliminate stress? How about the tropical islands all located in Hawaii? I am going to share with you which islands you can visit, but why so many continue to lean toward […]

Best Beaches in the World are In Hawaii!

Did you know that the best beaches in the world are in Hawaii? They are, and if they weren’t we wouldn’t be living here. I know that many of you have been to Virginia Beach, Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, and many others. Have you been to Hawaii? If you haven’t been here yet, then you […]

Honeymoon Destinations Always Include Hawaii!

Are you ever caught by surprise when you discover that Hawaii is among the top honeymoon destinations? I am not, but maybe I am just super biased because I live here? Hawaii is always one of the first places to be mentioned when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination, and you don’t have to […]

Hanauma Bay Park Oahu | Snorkeling Adventures Await You!

Have you heard of Hanauma Bay? Okay, so you probably haven’t IF you have never been to Hawaii. However, I will tell you it’s one of the most beautiful spots around, and that includes the Hanauma Bay Park in Oahu. I am going to share with you what this park has to offer, and why […]

Ahi Tuna is Truly Hawaiian Food!

You have probably seen Ahi Tuna on the menu if you have dined at a seafood place recently, but where does it come from? Ah, you guessed it; Ahi comes from Hawaii! Hawaiian food is always a great experience for those who haven’t been here before, but if you enjoy fish you are sure to […]

Mahi Mahi | Hawaii’s Winning Fishy!

Mahi Mahi is probably not something you eat often, and it’s no doubt something you won’t find at a fast food joint that is trying to pretend to serve you seafood. However, Mahi Mahi was the fish to put fish from Hawaii on the map, and it’s now becoming more popular these days in seafood […]

Can Anyone Provide Information On Renting Vespas In Oahu, Hawaii?

The bf and I are vacationing next month and I was just wondering about the price, is there space to store personal items such as wallet+towels, can two people fit, and what time it should be returned for day rentals? THANKSSSS I rented a moped in Oahu and it was a blast, we did a […]

Where Are Some Good Vacation Rentals In Hawaii On Oahu?

I am looking for a 2 bedroom vacation rental on Oahu for 9 days in December. It doesn’t have to be to fancy just a clean place to sleep. My mother and grandmother are coming to visit so any place that has a local discount would be cool. 🙂 check www.vrbo.com, very helpful website