It has been said that Hawaii is one of the top romantic getaways in the world. I believe it’s true because I live here, and most of our guests tend to be couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary.

Hawaii is certainly a playground for many, but it is no doubt one of the top romantic getaways ever. I am going to share with you what makes it romantic, and why it continues to be the best choice for those that want a taste of the sweet life!

romantic getaways
Hawaii is naturally one of the most romantic getaways in the world!

Why is Hawaii One of the Top Romantic Getaways Ever?

Even though most people think of the most romantic getaways as those that are out of the country, it certainly goes for saying that Hawaii makes the list here in the United States and still yet worldwide.

It’s not only set up against the Pacific Ocean, but it’s also miles of beach, some private some not, and palm fronds, romantic dinners, and amazing spas, shows, and more to entertain couples while visiting.

One of the most amazing things about Hawaii that I love in particular, is the colorful sunsets that show up every night as my wife and I stroll along the beach. The beaches are romantic because some are private, and lit up with tiki torches at night too.

You won’t see this set amongst palm trees at most beaches, so it only tells you that Hawaii is truly one of the most romantic settings you could choose with crashing waves and the starlit sky behind you, right?

Now that you know how I feel about my home, I am going to share with you more about some other romantic spots that you can visit with your partner or spouse while in Hawaii!

romantic getaways
We love romantic getaways!

Most Romantic Getaways Don’t Have this Many Hot Spots!

What do you expect from your romantic getaways? Do you want moonlit dinners and gardens, or are you just looking for jacuzzi tub? What about massages or just dinner and dancing in romantic nightlife?

There are many ways to enjoy romantic getaways, and for some couples it’s all about the nightlife and having fun, but in a romantic setting. You can experience both when you visit the Kona coast, and dine at any of the fine establishments and get a bottle of fine wine.

You will also enjoy walking along the Hanalei Bay with the moonlight hitting you just right. The moon will be your guide as you stroll near the water’s edge and enjoy the sand and shimmering water just within a few feet of you.

Last but no least, another favorite of tourists are the nighttime cruises in Waikiki. Sound good to you?

You will enjoy everything that Hawaii has to offer, and there is a lot to experience together when you come here for the first time or the second!

So, come stay with us, and choose from one of two of our own private romantic getaways for your enjoyment today by clicking HERE!

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