Hawaii One of Top Romantic Getaways in the World!

It has been said that Hawaii is one of the top romantic getaways in the world. I believe it’s true because I live here, and most of our guests tend to be couples celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary. Hawaii is certainly a playground for many, but it is no doubt one of the top romantic […]

Tropical Islands do Wonders for the Mind!

Have you ever heard someone say that if they could just escape to some tropical islands that they would be able to relax and eliminate stress? How about the tropical islands all located in Hawaii? I am going to share with you which islands you can visit, but why so many continue to lean toward […]

Going To Maui, Have Any Advice For Me? (please Read Details)?

I have the most amazingly nice parents ever. On my 21st birthday my parents gave me a 10 day vacation in Maui with my boyfriend. They paid for the flight and set up the accommodations. We have family in Maui and my parents own a place there, so I am pretty familiar with the island, […]

Maui Attractions: Things to do in Maui

The Maui Island is the second largest island of the state of Hawaii in the United States. The island spanning an area of 727.2 square miles is a distinct tourist paradise. Tourists from all over the world flock this beautiful island in search of sheer pleasure, and Maui doesn’t let them down at all. Maui […]

A Maui Vacation Means Excitement & Beauty

Shopping or snorkeling? Wine tasting or whale watching? Biking or boating? There is so much to do on a vacation on Maui! Many say, one of the best places to visit in Hawaii is the island of Maui. There are so many things to do and only so much time to fit it all in […]

Trip To Maui And Oahu…. Where Do We Stay .. What Do We Do?

My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to Hawaii for our Easter vacation. We are planning on booking our hotels and airlines separately and we are planning on staying in Honolulu for 4 nights and either Wailea or Kahului for 4 nights. We are planning on doing the road to Hana in Maui and […]