Shopping or snorkeling? Wine tasting or whale watching? Biking or boating? There is so much to do on a vacation on Maui! Many say, one of the best places to visit in Hawaii is the island of Maui.

There are so many things to do and only so much time to fit it all in while you are visiting Maui. Yes Maui, the little piece of paradise that has been voted the “Best Pacific Island” by Conde Nast Traveler’s readers for the last 16 years. Trying to fit it all in is enough to make your head spin, so hear are the top five picks of things you must do on your trip to “The Magic Isle.”

For those travelers that enjoy the adventure of the unknown and plunging themselves into a world of stunning scenery, the Hana road trip is one of the best activities in Hawaii and an essential component to the Maui vacation. This particular road offers over fifty miles of unique plants, animals, and adventures. This part of Maui is virtually untouched by modern technology. You can enjoy the breathtaking views of luxurious Hawaii waterfalls; explore beaches that are among Maui’s most hidden and secret, and experience fascinating ravines and lagoons. This Maui vacation idea is definitely a must for those who seek adventure and have a true appreciation of nature.

For those who enjoy an adventurous bicycle ride, a bike trip from Maui’s highest peak into the depths of Haleakala Crater is a must. You will be taken to the peak, and then engage in a tour that is guided by a number of professionals down a paved road. This road offers just over twenty miles of beauty and history of Maui. If you find that the guided tour is not for you, you can choose to ride the road at a pace that is comfortable for you. This is a great opportunity to get some excellent photographs of the rare beauty of Maui. This makes a great Maui vacation idea for those who enjoy the great outdoors and a good workout.

Visit the Tedeschi Winery. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or not this is an experience that you simply must have. Take the scenic drive to Maui’s “upcountry” and enjoy the historic vineyard that sits 2000 feet above sea level. Take a picnic lunch on the beautiful grounds of the vineyard then enjoy a free tour and sample the sinfully delicious pineapple wine. This is a really nice alternative to a day at the beach especially on the incredibly hot days that Maui can have. Two thousand feet above sea level brings the vineyard pleasant cooler temperatures.

If you would like to experience the adventure of visiting a volcano that is now extinct and being introduced to a variety of fish species and other animal life, snorkeling at Molokini is for you! Known for its unique underwater landscapes and crystal clear waters, Molokini is a favorite among Maui vacationers. You can also participate in various boat tours at this location. These tours will send you to the Maui away from Maui. You can get to the best Hawaii snorkeling spots and scuba diving locations with these tours see sea turtles in their natural habitat and enjoy a one of a kind Pacific adventure. Your vacation to Maui would not be complete without visiting the beautiful underwater world that this paradise offers.

If you are planning a trip to Maui during the winter months, you should take the time out to enjoy watching the whales are they frolic around the island. You can observe these whales moving around in the water by land, or experience a boat tour that will take you in the midst of these wondrous creatures. In addition to learning and observing these whales through the water, many boat tours offer visitors an inside glimpse through the means of an underwater camera, referred to as a “Whale Cam”.

Yes a trip to Maui is filled with adventure possibilities. Do your homework and check out the many other things you might want to do. Then make your way to the beautiful Hawaiian Islands for a great vacation.

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