I have the most amazingly nice parents ever. On my 21st birthday my parents gave me a 10 day vacation in Maui with my boyfriend. They paid for the flight and set up the accommodations. We have family in Maui and my parents own a place there, so I am pretty familiar with the island, but I’ve never been there without them. We will have a rental car just a few days. We will be staying part of the time in Kaanapali and part of the time in Kahana.
My boyfriend and I have saved up a lot of spending money, but still…Maui is so expensive. We still plan on doing nice things, but I just need to know of some great deals!
I want to show him a good time because he’s never been to Hawaii before.
So I was searching for Booze Cruises in Maui haha. I knew I wouldn’t find as many as I would in say…Honolulu, but come on! They call them “Cocktail Cruises” and they cost twice as much as they would on Oahu (which I expected), but the problem is that they all have like a 3 drink limit and they seem to be geared toward families…
Anybody know of like a normal booze cruise type of trip on maui? I’d prefer it not to be super sketchy. It should leave from Lahaina…
Anybody know of an affordable/reputable snorkel trip we could take to Lana’i?
I doubt I’ll find a deal on a massage, but I’ll ask anyway haha. Anyone know of a reasonable place to get a couple’s massage in the West Maui area?
I’m 21 and he is 22. Any other recommendations for fun things that a young couple could do? We might take a day trip to Hana and maybe a trip to Paia/upcountry. I think I’ll take him to the Maui Ocean Center. I might take him to Wailea, but I seriously have no idea what to do there. I also was thinking I’d take him to Makena Beach. I looked into luaus because I thought I would be kind of fun to do some super cheesey tourist stuff since he’s never been to Hawaii, but the ones I found were WAY overpriced.
So yeah any recommendations for activities that would be fun for a young couple?

Can’t help you on the Booze Cruises on Maui, but you can always take the 3-drink cruise and pick up your boozing back on terra firma. It’s a liability thing…nobody wants to loose any passengers overboard!
As for snorkeling on Kauai…I assume you have reasons for not wanting to snorkel Molokini Island, off of Makena…if you just aren’t aware of, you should definitely look into it! It is arguably the best snorkeling on Maui or Lanai, and possibly the state!
But, if you take the ferry from Lahaina to Lanai, you’ll arrive at Manele Bay. Rent or bring your snorkel gear with you and you can walk to Hulopo’e Beach Park and Hulopo’e Bay. If you’ll go to the southeast end of the sandy beach (left), the snorkeling along the rocky shoreline should make you happy. Caution: Use good judgement if the surf is up, takes ALL the fun out of it and probably puts more excitement in than you need. (Of course, that’s good advice for all of Hawaii’s beaches.)
Then, catch the ferry back in the afternoon and you’ll have saved a car rental, unless you want to check out Lanai while you’re there, of course.
Maui offers the most ziplines of any of the islands, including the longest and the highest…if you’re looking for something different to try.

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