Have you ever heard someone say that if they could just escape to some tropical islands that they would be able to relax and eliminate stress? How about the tropical islands all located in Hawaii?

I am going to share with you which islands you can visit, but why so many continue to lean toward Oahu time and again for some peace and sanctuary!

Tropical Islands | the Big Island

As you know, there are 5 islands in Hawaii including the Hawaii Big Island as many refer to it due to its size.

This Big Island gets its name from its size of course, because it’s larger than all of the other islands combined. With sandy beaches and amazing snowcapped mountains, you just might lose your breath!

Out of all of the tropical islands here, this one probably has more waterfalls, rainforests and botanical gardens because they have a bit more room to put them!

What is the most interesting thing you will find here? One of the world’s most active volcanoes is here-Kilauea.

tropical islands
Hanalei in Kauai courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Tropical Islands | Kauai

Did you know that one of the oldest islands here is Kauai? It is the northernmost island, and has dramatic landscapes to view.

If you have a spirit of adventure you will find some interesting activities and sites to see Kauai, and of course you will find romance.

While in Kauai, you can take a boat ride into the Napali Coast. Be sure to take your cameras!

tropical islands
East Molokai courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Tropical Islands | Molokai

One island that you may not hear a lot about is Molokai. Molokai is the island with the largest number of native Hawaiians taking residence here.

The people have worked so hard to keep their roots and history here, which makes it a great place to study the culture of Hawaii.

When you explore the island of Molokai, not only will you enjoy the culture, but you will also enjoy the flora that grows here and you can explore a historic seaside settlement at the Kalaupapa National Historic Park.

Tropical Islands | Lanai

Ah, one of the most romantic tropical islands is Lanai. Lanai is one of the most private islands, and no doubt a great place for those who wish to honeymoon or just keep away from the crowds.

You won’t find any traffic lights on Lanai, so not to worry! It’s anything but busy! While visiting, you will find interesting rock formations, and high end resorts that are sure to please, but heavy on the price tag.

tropical islands
Haleakala Crater in Maui courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Tropical Islands | Maui

Maui. What can I say? Maui has long been regarded as another favorite honeymoon spot, but that is because it’s the second largest island, and where some of the best beaches are in these tropical islands!

While in Maui you can visit Lahaina Town, a historic town to visit while here, and you can take a boat out to go whale watching during the winter months. There are 3 state parks here that you can visit including:


You can also visit one of the smallest towns here known as “Hana”, which is graced by a scenic drive.

tropical islands
Three Tables Beach in Oahu

Tropical Islands | Oahu our Home!

Ah, now we are getting to one of my favorite tropical islands, and that is Oahu! No surprise because I live here! I love it, and I am going to tell why this is the best island to visit and why you should stay with us.

is not only the state Capitol, but it’s home to the largest Hawaiian population too. Oahu is where it all comes together with a mix of entertainment, culture, arts, music, food, and much more. Are you Jonesing for a surf?

Look no further than the North Shore of Oahu to catch a wave! I do it every day, and I love it. Isn’t the power of the ocean amazing?

It can calm you and excite you all at the same time!

Oahu is also one of the only tropical islands to showcase a memorial to the events of Pearl Harbor, making it a great history lesson for the whole family. When you are done for the day, take a stroll down Waikiki Beach!

Now that you know a bit more about these tropical islands of Hawaii, you can book your stay with us by clicking HERE, and we will see you when the surf rolls in.

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