Mahi Mahi is probably not something you eat often, and it’s no doubt something you won’t find at a fast food joint that is trying to pretend to serve you seafood.

However, Mahi Mahi was the fish to put fish from Hawaii on the map, and it’s now becoming more popular these days in seafood restaurants around the country. So, is this the fish to try when you dine out in Hawaii?

Let’s consider what this fish is, what it tastes like, and if it’s worth fighting over!

Mahi Mahi
Large Mahi Mahi

What is Mahi Mahi?

Many of you might be wondering, what is Mahi Mahi or the dorado fish anyhow?

This fish is from the dolphinfish, and no it’s not the mammal dolphin, so don’t be worried! In fact, these two aren’t related in any way. This is a white fish, and while some say it’s bland others say it has a sweetness to it all its own.

These fish are easy to capture because they are what we know to be surface-dwellers. These fish are easy to spot in Hawaii, and other off-shore temperate, tropical and subtropical climates.

While this fish may not be specific to Hawaii, it does have a Hawaiian name. Mahi Mahi means “very strong”, but of course that doesn’t refer to the taste of this fish right?

The taste of this dolphinfish is quite mild, and some say lightly sweet, but for me personally, it’s just light and nothing more.

These fish live anywhere from 4 to 5 years, so if you have guilt over giving a fish a short life, don’t sweat it when it comes to the Mahi Mahi!

Mahi Mahi
Colorful Mahi Mahi

Describing the Mahi Mahi

So, what does the Mahi Mahi look like anyhow?

The fish somewhat resembles a dolphin hence how it got its name. They only average to be about 15 to 29 pounds, and they seldom go over the 33 pound mark.

One would think this makes the Mahi Mahi a much easier catch right? Sure, if you are used to fishing and more experienced with fishing than just the average once a year fisherman.

Because of their somewhat compressed body shape, they have dorsal fins and caudal fins that run the length of their body, while they have anal fins that are concave to their body as well.

These fish are nonetheless as pleasant to look at as they are to eat, so when you come to visit us in Hawaii, make sure that you check out the Mahi Mahi and you can also try them for dinner when you head out at night!

Mahi Mahi
Catch Mahi Mahi When You Stay with Us!

Lookin’ for a Little Mahi Mahi?

So, are you looking for a little Mahi Mahi?

You can get it with no problem when you visit us here in Oahu’s North Shore. While many seek these fish for sport purposes, they are sought out for commercial reasons as well, and flown into some of the best seafood places in the country.

Hawaii is no doubt a significant consumer of this fish, so there are plenty of places that you can find it while you are here.

If you aren’t sure where to dine, you can just check out our guide or ask us when you check in. If you want to come and stay on the North Shore, soak up the sun, and eat all of the Mahi Mahi you can handle, then CLICK HERE now, and book your stay today.

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