Check Out!

You might be wondering why I am making reference to Simply put, I invite you to stay with us, but it’s also important that I share good information with you about what is here to enjoy, and provide you with resources that will help you keep Hawaii close to your heart all year long. […]

Ahi Tuna is Truly Hawaiian Food!

You have probably seen Ahi Tuna on the menu if you have dined at a seafood place recently, but where does it come from? Ah, you guessed it; Ahi comes from Hawaii! Hawaiian food is always a great experience for those who haven’t been here before, but if you enjoy fish you are sure to […]

Mahi Mahi | Hawaii’s Winning Fishy!

Mahi Mahi is probably not something you eat often, and it’s no doubt something you won’t find at a fast food joint that is trying to pretend to serve you seafood. However, Mahi Mahi was the fish to put fish from Hawaii on the map, and it’s now becoming more popular these days in seafood […]