North Shore Oahu | A Little Background About Heaven on Earth

North Shore Oahu is what we call the closest thing to heaven. In fact, those that generally visit here, come here because they are looking for some respite away from the rush of life and the every day hustle and bustle of work and family obligations. It could be that you are not familiar with […]

Honeymoon Destinations Always Include Hawaii!

Are you ever caught by surprise when you discover that Hawaii is among the top honeymoon destinations? I am not, but maybe I am just super biased because I live here? Hawaii is always one of the first places to be mentioned when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination, and you don’t have to […]

Mahi Mahi | Hawaii’s Winning Fishy!

Mahi Mahi is probably not something you eat often, and it’s no doubt something you won’t find at a fast food joint that is trying to pretend to serve you seafood. However, Mahi Mahi was the fish to put fish from Hawaii on the map, and it’s now becoming more popular these days in seafood […]