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Hawaii is known worldwide as paradise on earth and for a good reason, it truly is everything it promises and more. Choosing your honeymoon in Hawaii will ensure you start your life together with great adventures and make wonderful memories to cherish a lifetime.

A honeymoon in Hawaii is also perfect to do your second honeymoon or one that has been postponed. Hawaii is so beautiful that you’ll want to spend most of your time enjoying what it has to offer. Everyone should visit Hawaii at least once in their life whatever the occasion, even if none at all.

Any Hawaiian Destination Is A Great Pick

You cannot go wrong when picking any of the Hawaiian islands as they are all exquisite and simply out of this world. If you choose to fly into Honolulu and, from there, take a cruise to the other islands, it would be the ideal way to go about your honeymoon in Hawaii as each island has something different to offer and for you to discover.

Kauai, the garden island will offer you what every honeymooner wants, peace and quiet; surrounded by green pastures and pristine sceneries you can both indulge into doing nothing but enjoy each other’s company away from the daily hustle and bustle. Kauai also has the miniature version of the Grand Canyon of their own known as the Waimea Canyon where movies such as Jurassic Park was filmed.

Maui, which is also my favorite, offers a bit of everything: the north shore if you feel adventurous and feel like getting on the surf board has the world’s best surfers crowding its waters, in downtown Maui, you have the seafront where any moment can turn into a romantic memory and its vast cultural activities offers activities for any day or evening.

Booking The Right Hotel

In order to have the right honeymoon in Hawaii, you will need to research and book your hotel rooms in advance because, in some of these cities such as Kauai, there is limited availability of space. The best way to find and book the right hotel is to research online and find out which one of them will suit your budget and requirements the best.

There are many honeymoon specials as Hawaii is a destination highly in demand by honeymooners and it is easy to understand why.

Honeymoon In Hawaii. It’s The Right Beginning

A honeymoon in Hawaii is the right beginning for any couple as it offers new places to discover and explore together, the peace and quiet where you can reflect on the life you are about to begin together as well as new adventures and excitement that you have never encountered before.

It is important to spend sufficient time planning your honeymoon. After all, it is nice to have the big day go well, but a lot of that is for ‘other people’ – whereas the honeymoon is just for you — the bride and groom, and surely on your wedding day, you are the two most important people?

Enjoying yourself is key. Take lots of photos. You will want to remember all the little things . Take pictures of every little thing you can. Even if it’s your mate coming out of a gas station bathroom. You’ll be able to look back and say, “oh.. isn’t that when we were on our way to…”.

The honeymoon is the trickiest part of all because you may be torn between several different honeymoon destinations and all the details surrounding planning an unforgettable honeymoon vacation. However, here is the best advice we can give you: take your time, plan slowly and let things come together for a stress free honeymoon in Hawaii.

Aloha! Until next year, happy honeymooning. Then, Happy Anniversary!

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