Derek Low is probably the only player from Hawaii right now with a chance to play in the NBA.
Basketball is good over here but because of the lack of size of most players, colleges don’t look here for recruits often. However, there are players with potential and size but because of competition are questioned.

idk bout hawaii and it sounds good. But the rule of thumb is “If you can play BALL….they’ll find you” if they can scout high school players against high school competition and determine if they are gonna be studs (many failed) then im sure scouting in hawaii wouldnt be hard. some high school guys you may not have known…..
Desagna Diop
Stephen Jackson
Deshawn Stevenson
Rashard Lewis
Lou Williams
al harrington
tyson chandler
charlie villnueva(wasnt selected never hired an agent)
kendrick perkins
al jefferson
lenny cooke(wasnt selected)
my thing is this hawaii is just as competitive as over here. the thing is your guys (excluding low) arent making enough noise jus a smaller minority than over here.

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  1. Probably not cause if they do join the NBA, it would put a lot of stress on players because the flights would be long.

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