We about to send a non-refundable check for $1500.00 as a deposit on a vacation home in Hawaii. Is cash normal for this type of transaction? I know there are a lot of scams out there. Thanks!

Very normal. We rent our vacation home in california and we require 25% as a deposit and the rest one week prior to check in. Not to worry. Check our VRBO.com if you are still in the market for rentals.

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  1. If you are dealing direct with a private party, that would be very normal. I have done this with private home rentals in Rhode Island and Florida, and have not been disappointed.

  2. Yes, usually if it is privately owned. I did the same thing in St Thomas, except I sent it via Pay Pal to the person’s Pay Pal account.
    Your cashed check will serve as a receipt if something goes wrong.

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