I’m building a box garden for my yard this week, I wanted to know what vegetables grow well here in Hawaii. Without a cold season, and it being September, what would grow well this winter? I appreciate any advice, I’ve been doing my research but haven’t stumbled upon any websites specific to this region. Thank you!

While there is the idea of “seasonlessness” in Hawaii, this is not exactly true. Because Hawaii is not directly on the equator, there is some variation regarding weather. It is mostly either a day length issue or a heat issue for plants that have trouble in Hawaii. While in the fall and summer, lettuce is known to bolt because of the heat, in the winter, it can do quite nicely. May I recommend looking into “short day” crops which are available for many crops, including onions. Eggplant does well in Hawaii, as does sweet potato, and most radishes. Feel free to experiment and see what takes and what doesnt. My advice, be careful with tomato, it is a great plant, but fruits excessively in Hawaii and could cause fruit flies. Good luck!

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