We’re looking for a place to stay with a little privacy, on the beach.

good luck, that is when the pro surfing tour is there. tons of austrailians,brazillians,californians, ah yeah, us hawaiians too. I’m sure you can find one, but it is high season. I love it there at that time of year, the waves are great, and there are alot of parties going on. while you are there try to see one of the surf contests. the world tour ends there, and for good reason. HUGE SURF. If you can’t find a rental, look for one further east. GOOGLE kaaawa, lanikai, waihole, kahuku, laie. these are little towns east of the main north shore beaches. Good luck, and aloha.

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  1. call information to hawaii. Tell them you not sure of the name. But would like a phone number to vacation rental homes that is on the beach of north shore in oahu. Tell you the truth. Those places might all ready be booked. I know when I go to see my husband in hawaii and stay at a hotel we have to call months in advance for some of the good hotel and rooms.

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