I have never been to Hawaii and am planning to vacation there next year. If I could only visit one part of Hawaii, what would you suggest?

Cheese Queen, I’m born and raised in Hawaii and have never heard of that island…..looking for the “best” island depends on what you want to do….
Oahu is a big city, great beaches can be found but in Waikiki they are crowded–still white sandy beach, but crowded. You can rent a car and drive to the big surf beaches or about 45 minutes out to some much less crowded white sand beautiful beaches. The good thing about Oahu is the restaurants, nightlife and “things to do” are ENDLESS. Iolani Palace, the only royal palace on US soil, Bishop Museum provide cultural education side if you want to explore that, plus the Arizona Memorial is a MUST for all ages. You’ll be very awed. So if you can drive to the scenery and drive to the secluded beaches, you can go back to your hotel at night and party.
If you want SECLUSION and you want to be ALONE and you want QUIET, then Kaui is beautiful, also the rainiest and the “everything closes up at 9pm.”
Maui is much like Kauai except you’ll drive more and there is a bit more “action”. It’s in between Oahu and Kauai. Still, not a lot to do at night after you do a luau.
Big Island. It’s Big. Not only you better have a car, you better WANT to discover the volcano aspect and some cultural aspect and do NOT expect to see any beaches there. Few and far between. You will find if you look good and are able to get around, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and black sand and green sand beaches.
My vote, Oahu for first timers. Just make sure you rent a car for at least ONE day and get OUT of Waikiki.

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  1. kauai. It is beautiful and not touristy. oahu if you like shopping and action. Maui has both city and seclusion. The big island is fun for camping but not any sandy beaches.

  2. Kauai or Maui.
    If you go to Maui, I would suggest taking a fairy (boat) over to the island of Lanai. There is a beautiful bay there, where dolphins will come to you and swim with you.
    Kauai, is beautiful. It has more waterfalls, etc.
    They’re both great, Oahu is a action, non stop moving island.
    But it is fun to visit Pearl Harbor, and walk up diamond head.
    Hope you decide to go there! I go every year, because my grandparents live there, its a beautiful place! You’ll never run out of things to do.

  3. If you’re a beach person, Maui or Kauai. If you want to see the most diverse micro climates and see an active volcano, then the Big Island (Hawaii).
    Kauai is very laid back and is very green. The highest amount of recorded rainfall is on Kauai
    Maui has some of the best beaches and my personal favorite.
    Hawaii (big island) is good for a first timer, especially if may not go back as there lots of scenery but there are not as many beaches as it’s the “youngest” island of the bunch, but also the biggest. Waterfalls, active volcano are the main features. Also coffee plantations.

  4. Those of us that live there think our area is of course the best.. I vote for North Shore Oahu… it is the last of true Hawaii

  5. there is an island that most maps dont show called swarali. its BEAUTIFUL. sail to it. only about 10 people live on that island. there are waterfalls and fragrant flowers everywhere.

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