What Is The Prettiest Part Of Hawaii To Visit?

I want to go on a honeymoon in hawaii but I really dont know anything about hawaii, where should I get a hotel? In my own opinion Maui has the most things to do, but Kuaui is the prettiest. Shop around and you can get a good deal on your hotel room. A good source […]

What Part Of Hawaii Is The Best Vacation Spot?

My hubby and I were planning on going to Hawaii for a few days in June. I was wondering what place is best to stay to get the most out of it. We want to get do some sight seeing of things like volcanoes and do some water sports. I would also like to check […]

What Part Of Hawaii Is The Most Beautiful To Visit?

I have never been to Hawaii and am planning to vacation there next year. If I could only visit one part of Hawaii, what would you suggest? Cheese Queen, I’m born and raised in Hawaii and have never heard of that island…..looking for the “best” island depends on what you want to do…. Oahu is […]