My boyfriend and I plan to go to Hawaii during mid-October for a 4-days trip. I’ve done a lot of researches yet I can’t decide which island I should go to. We are looking for a somewhat romantic trip that doesn’t include much sightseeing. We prefer being active at outdoor activities such as diving, snorkeling, laying/swimming near the beach, sailing… etc. So far I’ve come down to Big Island, Maui, and Oahu. Can you please give me some advice on which island I should pick and recommend me some activies that I definitely cannot miss? Also, if possible, let me know which hotel comes with a beach that we can actually swim. I gotta have this trip plan out as soon as possible, please help~~!!

That’s a huge question, and would require a huge answer. And depends on a lot of things like your interests and budget.
That said, here’s what our family and friends do before they come to visit. We built a web page with the best links and things to do in Hawaii, rated and reviewed. That way they could look BEFORE they got here and see what they want to do. Our 4-star rated items may be a good place to start for those “don’t miss” things.
Our family’s going to Kauai next…that island’s famous for not having much nightlife and the like, but is gorgeous and romantic. Of course there’s beach access and water activities like you mentioned. If you go to Maui, our web page has a link to a page that shows aerial pictures of the island’s resorts, so you can see them before you go. If you go to Oahu, and money’s no problem…since you want to get off the beaten path…consider Ko Olina resort. Four wonderful lagoons, but close enough to Honolulu that you can get there and back for dinner and other activities. Also look at Turtle Bay on the North Shore. Definitely remote, and while it does have nice beaches of it’s own, it’s also close to the other North Shore beaches.
The page is at Could go into a longer answer here, but with all the work we put into that page, well, you’ll see…it will answer your questions.

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  1. Oahu is where Honolulu is — a particularly crowded and (personal opinion) tacky city. I loved Maui — but it’s EXPENSIVE.
    I’ve heard good things about the Big Island.

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