i have a week of vacation left and am planning a trip.. probably sometime in october.. but i have no idea where i should go! i’ve already been to NYC, oahu, seattle, and yosemite over the past year and want to go somewhere different
30 yr old single.. down for whatever.. whether it’s indoors, outdoors, city sighteeing, food tasting, etc.. traveling alone as well

go to australia, it’ll be hot there and cool here 😀

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  1. Utah > if inside the US ..
    but , there’s so much great places out there ..
    *Paris > everybody says its a gr8 place to go .
    *London > same thing lol
    *Australia > its amazing ! ,, lots of great places to go , in Sydney .. the only prob is , its kinda expensive .. but its really worth it ..
    *Dubai > u can do lots of crazy stuff in Dubai , u can shop alot!! , u can go to Wonder Land , The Dragon Mall , and lots and lots of stuff ..
    hope u a gr8 vacation !

  2. Go to Florence, Italy.
    It’s a great base for exploring Tuscany, and you can prolly get in a day trip to Rome, and another up to Sienna.
    It’ll be getting cold but it’s a great city, make sure you make the climb to the Cupola of the Duomo!

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