Where Should I Go On Vacation Next?

i have a week of vacation left and am planning a trip.. probably sometime in october.. but i have no idea where i should go! i’ve already been to NYC, oahu, seattle, and yosemite over the past year and want to go somewhere different 30 yr old single.. down for whatever.. whether it’s indoors, outdoors, […]

Where Should I Look For Vacation Packages To Hawaii?

i need a vacation package that includes air fare, rental car, and hotel to oahu. i need something that has military discounts. pretty decent deals is at http://www.pleasantholidays.com/Pleasant… if you have military discount, why aren’t you staying at the military facilities on Oahu? –http://military-hotels.us/hawaii/hickam-…

What Present Should I Get My Baby From Hawaii?

This is my 9 month old sons first time in hawaii and I want to get him something he can have from the trip. I would prefer something he can use. Something that shows it’s from hawaii and not just from a hawaii walmart like a toy. I’ve thought of hawaiian clothes, a hawaiian book […]