This is my 9 month old sons first time in hawaii and I want to get him something he can have from the trip. I would prefer something he can use. Something that shows it’s from hawaii and not just from a hawaii walmart like a toy. I’ve thought of hawaiian clothes, a hawaiian book cause he loves those, and maybe a frame saying his first time or something. But are there any suggestions of something I can get him that would be memorable and usable?

I would take lots and lots of pictures and journal the entire trip. Getting him things arent going to matter or mean anything to him in the long run because it wont be remembered and therefore not be special to him. If anything perhaps some shells that he can play with when he gets older? When my children were 1 we went to Florida. My now 9 year old twins are able to remember bits and pieces of the trip from seeing pictures and talking about what happened while we were down there. Their most favorite memory was when we saw the water tornado on the beach in Destin. We have pictures and a newspaper cliping and they are able to fill in details that we have never told them when we talk about it.

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