I am planning a first time trip to Hawaii and I want to know the best island to stay on. I don’t want to be in a highrise hotel off of the shore and I don’t want to be in a place that is too crowded or too much like the big city I am from. BUT I do want to do alot of activities while I am there like snorkeling, jet skiing, and all of the fun things that Hawaii has to offer. I am planning to go in the end of March. Any ideas?

I think Maui is a nice mix, it’s not too slow, nor is it a total tourist spot. However it’s a little more expensive then the other islands. The Hyatt Regency on Maui, is simply amazing, At times you can get a special rate from them http://www.maui-vacation-hotels.us . I stayed at the Hyatt, I was very pleased. I’ve also stayed at the HOTEL HANA MAUI with a group of girl friends, and it’s not as fancy, but clean and neat and right on the water!!! And we were able to bring a small dog with us. The GRAND WAILEA RESORT is BEAUTIFUL, hands down, to me, it’s one of the prettiest hotels on the island.
If you’re looking for something a little less in the pocket, try MAUI SEASIDE HOTEL, it’s nothing she’ she’ at all, but it’s right on the water as well.And if you’re going to be out and about more of the day, really if it’s clean, and neat, it might be something you like? http://www.maui-vacation-hotels.us/hotel…
Don’t forget there are bed and breakfast’s to stay in, or condos, and a lot of times, it’s much less then a hotel, but just as nice.
Enjoy the sugar cane fields when you’re over there.

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  1. The Big Island is the best. There are many activities here from snorkeling to hiking the volcano to visiting black sand beaches. There are some great small hotels and B and B here to enjoy too. March is about the end of whale season here, but you may still be able to see some.

  2. Is price a factor? if not, Maui.. if it is.. Big Island. Big Island is Hawaii in my opinion. Maui is very resorty…gorgeous but..a bit spendsy
    Big Isl. Hawaii.. still small town, couple of gorgeous resorts and the scenery goes from desert volcano to lush green pastures to tropical rain forested waterfalls. You could spend a week exploring and still not see it all. But.. a couple of good towns to shop and enjoy. Seem like so far..opinion goes to Maui or Big Island. BUT we all agree.. stay outa Oahu..fun place, some great places to visit but 1/4 of the Island is one BIG city.

  3. From your description, it sounds like Maui is your best fit.
    Maui has a lot of activities to offer (though no nightclubs to speak of so be warned) that will take you outdoors and in the sun but for the most part keep you away from the big city feeling that you’re coming from.
    Usually I would suggest that you hit Waikiki for your first trip to Hawaii but since you sound like you are absolutely opposed to being in a crowded (read happening) place, then Maui is your next best option for a first time trip.
    Good luck and happy travels!

  4. Maui. Been there, done that. Oahu is far too crowded and is mostly a tourist trap. If you want to experience “old Hawaii”, go to Hana, Maui. It’s a small town on the windward (Eastern) side of the island that still resembles the old Hawaiian fishing village. There’s even a really nice hotel called the Hotel Hana located there. The largest city is where the airport is located, Kahului. Other larger cities and towns are Lahaina, Wailea (where they have all of the activities and incredible beaches you were referring to), Kaanapali and Kapalua (home to the Kapalua Plantation Golf Course, a PGA Championship course). Maui, in my humble opinion, is what Hawaii is all about. The lush tropical scenery and the white sand beaches are what I always envisioned Hawaii as being. If you get the chance, however, I would suggest you take a day trip (or an overnight excursion) to Oahu to see Waikiki and do the whole tourist thing. It’s part of the experience as well In any case, …you’re in for a great trip no matter where you go or where you stay. Hawaii is a dream vacation. Have a blast.

  5. I been in Hawaii for vacation all four island Oaho, big island, Maui, Kauai minimum a week of each island.
    For your description I think you should go to Maui and stay in Lahaina .

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