Visiting Hawaii is a dream come true for many and having the opportunity to see humpback whales up close and personal really is the opportunity of a lifetime. Those interested in seeing the humpback whales should make plans to go to Maui. The whales visit all of the islands, but the best view is from Maui. The reason Maui is so popular is because there is a natural shelter formed by the shape of the islands so it is a place where the whales like to go to feel safe and protected. In addition, the water is shallow of Maui and these whales prefer shallow water, especially after they give birth to a calf.

There are many events that take place when it is whale season, so to speak, and the whole island erupts with enthusiasm and joy over the annual pilgrimage. Many tour companies are set up to take tourists out to get a close glimpse of the whales and the tourists who miss seeing a whale for whatever reason are given a second tour for free. The rebound in the population of the humpback whale after commercial whaling practically wiped these whales out is outstanding and it make seeing these creatures up close and personal even more amazing. Approximately 60 percent of the 10,000 to 15,000 humpback whales in the North Pacific travel to Hawaii, and the majority of those in and around Maui.

When you arrive in Maui you should go to Lahaina, Ma’alaea Harbor or Ka’anapali and there you will be able to buy a ticket to go out on a whale tour. The tickets are usually pretty inexpensive and competitive at these locations so going with the first one you find is okay. Depending on your budget and style, though, you can watch the whales from sailboats, catamarans, inflatable rafts, or even luxury cruise ships.

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