I’m going on vacation next month to Oahu, and want to rent a car for the week. I’ve heard that a rental car isn’t necessary, but I’d still really like one. I’ve been warned about the expensive parking rates, but I’m more concerned about not being able to find a place to park. Is it too big of a headache to bother renting a car?

If you don’t plan on leaving Waikiki, then you can walk everywhere, or take a cab. Parking does suck, but most hotels will have they’re own lots. It’s worth it to be able to explore the rest of the island!!! Have fun!

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  1. Renting a car would be helpful if you are planning to explore the whole island. Although, I don’t think it is necessary to rent one if you are going to hang out around the Waikiki beach. Yes, it will be a pain to try to find a parking unless you are planning to pay $10/hr to park in a hotel. …..Hotels, restaurants and shops are all within the walking distant on the beach. You may find your self spending more time finding a parking then hanging out in that one spot. ……have a fun trip.

  2. a car is great if youre planning to go around the island and sight see. (a must if you havent yet). we have a really great bus system, so you can get around literally anywhere if you want.
    waikiki can be expensive, but depends…most hotels have parking lots/valet. if youre just planning to stay and walk around in waikiki, then there’s no need for a car.

  3. When we went we rented mopeds, and it turned out to be the best part of our trip…they are SO much fun! You just park your moped by the front door of where you’re going, hop off, and walk in. And driving around the island with the wind in your hair….doesn’t get any better!

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