Picture this scenario: you lazing around on a white sandy beach, soaking up the sun with the deep blue waters surrounding of the Caribbean’s or Bahamas surrounding you and the wind blowing lazily in your hair – doesn’t that conjure up lovely visions of a tropical beach vacation that’s filled with adventure and excitement? From the Bahamas to Florida, Aruba to the Cayman Islands, there are hundreds of tropical beach destinations throughout the world. So, if you are looking to have a good time in a place with sparkling blue waters, tropical weather, sandy white beaches and elegant resorts, then pack your bags and get ready for a tropical beach destination vacation!

A great way to experience the beauty of these tropical islands is by going on a cruise. Travel in luxurious and soothing comfort across the wide blue waters from one tropical destination to another by means of a luxury cruise liner!

Tropical Beaches for your Vacation!

Pink Sands, Harbor Island, The Bahamas – A teensy weensy little island, Harbor Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With less than 2,000 inhabitants, the island has an unbelievably laid back attitude, making it an awesome vacation destination for those of you looking to relax. Stroll down the streets and gaze upon the awe inspiring Georgian architecture. Soak in the lovely weather and of course, the unique pink sand beaches.
Matira Beach, Bora Bora, Tahiti – This enchanting tropical island is just 18 miles long and lies in the French Polynesian chain. Also known as the Romantic Island, Bora Bora softly nestles in a secluded lagoon amidst beautiful white beaches. A relaxed atmosphere and intimate beaches makes this place one of the most romantic spots in the world.
Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii – 10 miles east of Waikiki, the Hanauma Nature Reserve draws more than three thousand visitors everyday for swimming, picnicking, snorkeling and sunbathing. The bay itself is said to be a 36,000 year old volcanic crater. Snorkeler’s and swimmers take special pleasure in the sheltered bay and are greeted every now and then by a host of colorful tropical fish.
Palm Beach, Aruba – Unlike many of the Caribbean Islands, Aruba has some of the most spectacular beaches! Your kids can explore the exotic Aruban buildings while you can go golfing at some of the spectacular golf courses ever! Right from the sailors to the fishermen and even the kids – Palm Beach is an idyllic tropical vacation destination for you and the family.
Fernando de Noronha, Brazil – A select few people only get the chance to travel to the unspoiled, unmarred, breathtakingly beautiful beaches of Fernando de Noronha. With only 420 visitors allowed on the island at any given point of time, the place is practically secluded. Being a small part of a volcanic archipelago, Fernando de Noronha boasts of towering rock sculptures, natural swimming pools, pristine waterfalls and exquisite white beaches that are snuggled amongst jagged caves and cliffs.
Tulum, Mexico – The ancient Mayan ruins that tower over the beaches are nothing less than awe-inspiring! Sunbathers and swimmers will surely be completely swept up in the mysterious aura of these ancient ruins. Crystal blue waters and white sandy beaches greet visitors to this exotic paradise.
There are hardly a handful of these beautiful and wonderful tropical delights left in the world, the rest have all been ruined by the carelessness. To enjoy a nice, long, fun-filled vacation at an exotic tropical beach destination, go through the various travel magazines or browse the net. Contact a travel agent to book your vacation; you might even come across a number of good package deals.

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