I’m planning a vacation for my mom and dad for their anniversary.
I’m planning on paying for them to fly from Pittsburgh to Hawaii next January for an 8 night vacation.
I want to fly them to Honolulu for 4 days on Oahu with an economy rental car, and then fly them with a Go Hawaii flight from Honolulu to Maui for 4 more days with a convertable, and then finally a flight from Maui back to Honolulu, and from Honolulu to Pittsburgh.
Since my plan involves a 4 night lodging on 2 different islands, 2 different rental cars, and an inter-island flight inside of the main roundtrip flight from Pittsburgh to Honolulu, I can’t find a website that has the brain to compute all these factors in lol.
Have any of you ever planned a multiple-destination vacation online?
If so, where at? And how easy was it?

make an appointment to speak with a travel agent OR call the 1-800 for customer service from your favorite travel website.
all that aside, i would also like you to look at the alternative to buying them a vacation. you may have a certain amount of faith in the marriage of your parents, however, more and more shocking divorces are happening each year. why take the chance that they could divorce and then you would be out the money you shelled out on the vacation! if i were u, i would just give my parents the cash and let them do what they want once the time comes. this way, they dont necessarily have to go on the vacation ON their anniversary if they cant get away. this way, they can plan it themselves and go when THEY want to.

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  1. You just do it yourself. YOU be the brain. You have to keep track of things, but it isn’t terribly complicated. Of course, the websites are only set up for one round trip and one rental…but you can handle it.

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