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My boyfriend and I are going to Hawaii in February 2009. We won’t have a rental car, so we’ll need to take other means of transportation. We will be in Oahu for 6 days and have most of our activities/transportation planned out. However, in our down time (to explore), I need some help with bus lines.
We will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki…
1) Where is the closest bus stop to our hotel?
2) Which bus will take us to Kapahulu Avenue and back to our hotel? We have a number of restaurants that we are planning to try on this street (Ono Seafood, Waiola Shave Ice, Ono Hawaiian Foods, Rainbow Drive-In, Leonard’s Bakery, Tokkuri-Tei etc.)
3) Which bus will take us to the Ala Moana Center and back to our hotel?
4) Which bus will take us to Waialae Avenue? We want to try Ninniku Ya Garlic Restaurant at 3196 Waialae Ave.; afterwards, how do we get to Bubbies at 1010 University Ave; then back to our hotel?
5) Are Puka Dog (2301 Kuhio), House Without a Key (2199 Kalia) and Hau Tree Lanai (2863 Kalakaua) all within walking distance from the Hyatt Regency (2424 Kalakaua)?
I know it’s a lot, but i truly appreciate it!!! Thanks a billion, and I can’t wait for this vacation!

There are frequent bus stops in Waikiki. Everything there like House Without a Key etc. are within walking distance. There is a bus that will take you to Waialae Avenue for the Garlic restaurant (very good!) and to University Avenue (that one is #4 University). From the garlic restaurant, to get to Bubbies you take the #1 bus going west and get off at Univ.Ave. From Waikiki, #8 busses and others all go through Ala Moana Center.
You will have no problem–very easy to get around. You can also take the bus to Sea Life Park, which is also a good “tour” of some very scenic areas on the east end.

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  1. Just go to Google Maps. Put in your Hotel’s address, then put in your destination, and the time you want arrive/leave by.
    You can select the public transportation icon and it’ll tell you which buses to take and where to get off.
    Just let your bus driver know where you want to get dropped off, and he/she will let you know.

  2. If you go to http://www.thebus.org (the official website for Oahu’s public transportation), there’s a section at the top of the page that says “start address” and “destination address.” It also has a time area where you can enter when you’re leaving or when you need to be somewhere. Type in the various addresses you want to go to in the appropriate boxes. It’ll link you to Google Maps and show where the bus stops are, walking distances from the bus stops and the times the buses will be by.
    It’s really handy and I use it all the time because I commute by bus on Oahu.

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