Hawaii is a US state located in the Pacific Ocean away from mainland United States. The beautiful island has the United States to the north east, Australia to the south west and Japan to the north west. This exotic island is a very famous vacation spot. Everyone who visits this place even once, aspires of relocating to Hawaii to make it his permanent abode.

When relocating, it is very important to know the place where you are planning to stay. Sometimes people tend to regret relocating to a particular place, because though the place looked beautiful and tempted them to move here when they visited it as a tourist, actually staying in this place is a tough task, taking into consideration factors such as weather, economy, standard of living, etc. Therefore, before planning to move to any new place one should do a thorough research about the place.

Moving to Hawaii
If you have visited Hawaii even once in your life time, you must have been enticed by the locale of the island, and at least once thought about settling there. Relocating to Hawaii is not an unimaginable idea, it is quite possible to have your dream home there. But you need to consider some factors before finalizing about your dream plan.

The foremost thing to remember is that this state is formed from a number of small islands, but the life on all these islands is not the same. Economically, the islands vary in terms of cost of living, job opportunities, etc., while socially, they vary in terms of standard of life and social structure. For instance, Oahu is the busiest Hawaiian Island. The economy of Oahu is largely dependent on tourism. So if you plan to shift to this island, then the ideal time would be somewhere between January and May or September and November. The tourist inflow during these months is relatively low, which means easy availability of resources like transport and short-term accommodation. It is always wise to arrange for accommodation before you arrive here. Other islands like Maui and Kauai are relatively less populated, and these scenic islands are ideal for people who seek peace of mind away from the hustle-bustle of cities. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, you can opt to reside in Waikiki which has several nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

In Hawaii, it’s not difficult to find a fully-furnished place for living. It’s important that you posses all the necessary documents, including identity cards and personal as well as medical documents. Renting a place on the island of Hawaii is comparatively more expensive than what it is on mainland United States. The cost of property on this island chain rises every year. While moving, if you have too much luggage, you can opt to ship your belongings via mail. Even the shipment of a car from the mainland to Hawaii can be easily managed.

The only Hawaiian Island where the public transport system exists is Oahu. Known as The Bus, it is the most convenient and affordable way to commute on the island. Traffic is another problem on Oahu Island, wherein it’s very difficult to make way on busy streets, especially during the peak hours. Though parking space is also a problem, facilities which allow renting a parking spot on monthly basis make it much more easier, but that’s if you are ready to shell out some money. Around 90% of food items are imported in Hawaii. Food at an affordable price can be bought from retail chains like Walmart and Costco.

Some strict rules on the part of the administration makes it difficult to get plants and animals onto this island. If you want to carry your plants to Hawaii, you will have to undergo inspection by the authorities, while if you want to import your pets to the island, then you will have to get an acknowledgment from the Animal Guarantee Section at least four months before you relocate.

Moving to Hawaii may seem to be a tedious task, but once you are here, the delight of staying in this exotic place with beautiful beaches and enchanting valleys would be immeasurable. Once you have taken all these things into consideration, and you are comfortable with the norms of the island, then you can make your dream of moving to Hawaii come true.

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