Directions, Instructions and House Rules for Luana Iki...


We know that you will love it here and certainly be able to relax Hawaiian Style!


*There is a security gate out front, you will see the grey box attached
to the wooden fence on the left just before the green sliding gate and
the code to enter is  5-2-6-8-0

Do NOT give this code to anyone NOT on the lease agreement.


*There is a lock box on the front door and the code to enter the house is 1-9-6-8.


Check in: 4pm.

Do not come before 4pm as the unit will be in the midst of cleaning and preparing it for your stay.

Check out: 10am

Late checkouts may be available if there are no guests checking in that day, and we will charge $75 cash, but requests MUST BE MADE 48 hours in advance of checkout with owner.


The wireless network is named “Luana Iki” and the password to access it is: “coconutwireless”.

*We are also in the midst of building our Facebook page, and would LOVE for you to “Like, and Check In” to our FB page with any and all of your travel photos and videos that you share on Facebook.  Here is the link to LIKE and check in:



Please be very respectful of all our neighbors and your level of noise. 

Be especially respectful when you are on the outside lanai as sound travels to our older next door neighbors. 

As this is residential zoning here and we need to fly somewhat “under the radar” to continue offering our lovely home to wonderful guests such as you!

*Do NOT let ANYONE into the property, period, unless they are in your immediate party and on the rental agreement you signed with us.

*Please be careful if people ask you “where are you from” or “are you here on vacation” as we have city officials trying to close down rentals for our entire island and we do NOT want you or us to get into trouble …

*If anyone asks and you MUST reply, just say this is “OUR FAMILY HOME.”

I know, it’s a sad state of our island but this is what we are faced with, so please don’t jeopardize our livelihood.


 QUIET HOURS start at 8pm till 8am.  

Please go to the beach or a bar if you would like to party or make noise past 8pm….We ALL would appreciate it.  Our neighbors WILL call me/police if you are loud….Let’s NOT have that happen!!
  • Parties, gatherings, loud noise and visits from anyone not part of the initial reservation are PROHIBITEDPlease do not test us on this.  We’ve actually had to remove people from the property due to being disrespectful to our house rules, please follow them and treat our home like a gift.
  • Bag all garbage in the garbage bags and when full, take them to the trash can when full and make sure the can is closed tight!
  • If the trash can gets filled, please begin placing the future trash bags in the trailer on the other side of your parking spot  and I will dump them upon your departure.
  • Please wash off all sand from beach before entering the home.  There is an outdoor shower just past the entry gate and a hose as well next to the front door.  If the plumbing gets backed up due to sand, you will be charged for emergency plumbing repair up to $500.
  • Please do not pick the fruits and vegetables you see around the property as that is our family’s food source.  We are happy to share if asked and have enough.
  • Be sure to put all food away from the counters as bugs may arrive if not put away in a timely manner or you will have bugs or critters visiting your food at night.
  • Be sure to keep screens closed to keep bugs out at night.
  • Please turn off all lights and fans (any electrical items) prior to leaving the house.  Hawaii has the highest electricity prices in the nation.
  • There is no garbage disposal in the sink since we are on septic here.  Please be sure not to out ANYthing down the sink.
  • Prior to check out, please run a wash of all sheets and linens and towels that are dirty/used.  We can put them in the dryer.
  • Prior to check out please wash all your used dishes, glasses, pans etc.  There will be a $50 charge if any of these are left uncleaned.
  • Always leave key in lock box on door, code 1-9-6-8 so you never lose it.  I do NOT have an extra on site for you, and we may be traveling during your stay and will NOT be able to get you a replacement should you lock yourself out!!
  • Please conserve electricity when you are not at the house, by turning off lights, turn off ceiling fans, TV, etc.
  • After you use the BBQ, please always turn OFF the propane tank and clean the grill when done!
  • Please have a WONDERFUL stay!
Please be VERY respectful of ALL our neighbors.  They are all hard working local people, that have kids, or retired.  Some work at 6am, one is a retired police officer. And, we WILL get phone calls from them if you are not following quiet hours.  They have been known to call the police as well.  Not to scare you but we have had to remove guests that did not respect our quiet hours.  So, if you would like to be LOUD or party past 8pm simply go to the beach or the bars just not at our home.  We want you to enjoy yourselves AND be respectful of our homes and hard working neighbors as well……We appreciate your understanding on this!
Here are the directions coming to the house supposing you are coming from the airport heading North on the H-1 and then North on the H-2:  Click on the button to open Google Map Directions on your computer!
If you have any further questions about what to see and do, please feel free to call me at 808-218-1568

How to exit the property on foot...

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