Luana II Directions, Instructions & House Rules


We have a security gate that has a wireless keypad on the left hand side of the
driveway, just 10 feet before the gate.  It’s mounted to the wooden pole, can’t miss it.


*You will enter the follow code 7-1-3-9-0 and then the gate will open for you.




There is a lock box on the front door and the code to enter the house is 1-9-7-2.

The Wi-Fi network is “Luana II” and password is “coconutwireless”

  • Please be very respectful of all our neighbors and your level of noise.  As this is residential zoning here and we need to fly somewhat “under the radar” to continue offering our lovely home to wonderful guests such as you!
  • Parties, gatherings, or inviting of people NOT on the rental agreement of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in immediate police visit to you at the property!  We take this very, very seriously, please do not test us. Our security cameras do NOT lie and are there for YOUR safety.
  • Bag all garbage in the garbage bags and when full, take them to the trash can when full and make sure the can is closed tight!
  • If the trash can gets filled, please begin placing the future trash bags in the trailer in the driveway and I will dump them upon your departure.  Please make sure they are bagged well and tied so I don’t have a nasty mess to clean up!
  • Please wash off all sand from beach at the bottom of the stairway where we have a hose and behind the stairs we have an outdoor shower. Be sure to get the sang from your bathing suit and back of your legs!
  • Please remove your shoes and leave them outside the door before entering.
  • Be sure to put all food away from the counters as bugs may arrive if not put away in a timely manner.
  • Be sure to keep screens closed to keep bugs out at night.
  • There is no garbage disposal in the sink since we are on septic here.  Please be sure not to clog the sink with food debris.
  • Always leave key in lock box on door, code 1-9-6-8 (or 1-9-7-2) so you never lose it.  NEVER TAKE KEY WITH YOU…..Lost key results in a $250 charge for replacement.  I do NOT have an extra on site for you, chances are we may be traveling during your stay so may NOT be able to get you a replacement should you lock yourself out!!
  • Please conserve electricity when you are not at the house, by turning off lights, turn off ceiling fans, TV, etc.
  • After you use the BBQ, please always clean the grill and turn OFF the propane tank!
  • Security Cameras are on 24/7 throughout the entire property for your safety and our protection.
  • To exit the property on foot, there is a small plastic box mounted to the wooden fence INSIDE the property about 20 feet away from the gate, open it, and simply PUSH the button, the gate will open. Do NOT take the remote control with you. Gate will automatically close within 30 seconds.
  • Please have a WONDERFUL stay!


If you need to EXIT the property on foot (ie., walk to the store or beach)

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  1. Sam, your guidelines are very helpful and will be easy to obey. I fully understand about loud parties. Those are not in our plans.Maybe you could inform us about the other end of continuum. When you say a quiet time at 8 pm does that mean no conversation outside after 8 or no TV inside after 8?
    We will make sure the key stays in the lockbox. However, since you will be out of town during our visit, if we have any type of difficulty what are we to do if something goes awry? Thanks. We are really looking forward to Enjoying Luana

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