Our family put deposits on two vacation rentals in Hawaii. We had to cancel the trip and gave 75 day notice to the owners/agents. One wants to give us credit towards another rental and the other says he will give us all or part of the deposit back if he rerents the property. Any ideas how we can get our money back? Does Hawaii have a consumer advocate? Can we sue them in small claims? We live in California as do both owners, do we sue in Hawaii or (preferably) California? Thanks for the help!

They should have had a cancellation policy. You would have to check the policy to see if you are entitled to a refund. If you sent the money to California for the deposit, you sue in California courts. If it went to Hawaii, then the courts in Hawaii would handle it.
Think about there side of it. They took their house of the rental market because you promised to rent it. Now, if they can not rent the place for the same time period, they are out the money because you changed your mind.
Many vacations have penalties for cancelling.

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