omgosh i am going to hawaii in december i am so excited! anyone else going or have been wats to do there SHOP! lay and get a tan at the beaches! wat should i pack shorts tanktops? flip flops 2 piece bathing suit ?

Why Pack Anything? You said that you like to Shop so Shop in Hawai’i, you’ll get the latest & greatest beach wear in the World right here – – – — Heck you can get three to ten T-Shirts for between $10 & $20 around Honolulu and definitely at The Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. Treat yourself right – – – why lug around a heavy suitcase? Don’t take any luggage – – – land on O’ahu and head for Pearlridge Mall and Have a Ball – – – and you’re clothes will say, “hmm, she dresses like a local girl – –” but “her accent, her look,” adds to the mystery – – – – nothing says tourists like a hard Rock New Jersey T-Shirt and Cap – – – . Go on line for Ala Moana Shopping Center, you can sign up for their newsletter and get discounts when you land and start shopping. The Same with Wards Shops better known as Victoria Ward Center Shops. Have Fun !!!! ALOHA.

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  1. Hawaii is a great place to vacation. Don’t forget to bring some clothes for the night life…. THere are some great clubs on the islands…

  2. first of all relax …are you going alone?how long are you going fo ?there are a lot of things to do shorts for the day unless you like to swim a lot of girls wear a1 piece or if you look good in a 2 piece take it but if I were you I would take both.They have a great bus service $2.00 but you can travel the whole island for that.Lots of great shopping can buy all the tanktops you’ll ever need you also can pick up small papers (free) that will give you a lot of idea what to see and do.I’ve been there many times ALOHA

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