Rental properties are a great way to be able to vacation without having to leave all the comforts of home for a hotel that may look great online and in brochures, but is run down in reality. And there’s no place better for a vacation than Hawaii. So, naturally, Hawaii oceanfront rentals are very popular.

Kauai is by far the most popular island for Hawaii beachfront rentals. Vacations on this island are very kicked back and easy going, and the island natural beauty is so compelling that most tourists fall in love with it and come back many times. If you’re looking for action, Kauai also offers a diversity of adventures: sailing, river rafting, scuba, and more.

Should you choose a luxury Kauai vacation rental, first decide if you would rather own or rent. Owning your own Kauai vacation rental can be a profitable investment, but you must have enough money to both purchase and maintain it. That’s why many people choose to rent. There are many places on the Internet where you can search for owners looking to rent vacation homes, so start there. If you don’t find anything, talk to a travel agent, since they often know about resources you don’t know.

When you go for an Hawaii beach resort rental, be sure to pack appropriately. You’ll have the ability to cook for yourself, so bring any favorite pots, pans, and utensils you’ll need. Also, make sure to bring any specialty items you need, such as hypo allergenic soaps or special toothpastes, since you may not be able to find them in Hawaii due to the high cost of shipping products there. Finally, remember you’ll be staying in someone’s home, so don’t bring anything you wouldn’t want in your own.

Eventually, be sure to be prepared for fun. Hawaii beachfront rentals allow you greater access to the islands than staying in a hotel does, since you’ll be living like the natives. Rather than tourist attractions, you’ll get a good chance to experience everyday Hawaii, a unique experience even for US citizens. Hawaii is like no place else.

If you are considering Hawaiian beachfront rentals, remember to look to the island of Kauai. Try to find a property online or through a travel agent, and once you find one, plane appropriately for your trip, making sure to bring the things you’ll need to be at home. Do all this, and you’re set for great vacations.

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