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The number of families taking vacations is on the rise along with the need for something different. Some families want ski vacations while others might want to go to the beach or a popular tourist attraction. Regardless of the destination, impersonal hotel rooms are being ditched for vacation rentals and holiday homes.

Vacation rentals and holiday homes are a great alternative for those who wish to have more privacy and space to maneuver, something that hotels don’t really have. Staying in a hotel involves tipping porters and valets; there is the added expense of dining out daily. Plus, if staying at a hotel for several days, it can be a bit tedious to stare at the same four walls and share a room with family members without a modicum of privacy. Just like there are hotels everywhere, there are vacation rentals and holiday homes all over the world ready to be booked.

The secret to a great vacation is having a “home base” and vacation rentals or holiday homes provide that service to travelers. Among the many other advantages to booking vacation rentals or holiday homes are:

1. More bang for the buck – Incorporated in a hotel room fee is the overhead for running the place, allowances for tips and even marketing costs. When booking vacation rentals or holiday homes, the price does not factor in for those big ticket luxuries that hotels have. If there are multiple people sharing a vacation rental, the cost per person is a lot less than it would be in a hotel.

2. Privacy and space – When traveling with families or groups, space and privacy is essential for maintaining the peace. With vacation rentals and holiday homes, family members could have separate rooms. There is also little worry about being too loud for the neighbors down the hallway.

3. Kitchen privileges – Vacations can be expensive and one of the major culprits is food. Dining out for every meal can not only be costly, but also boring. With vacation rentals and holiday homes, there are kitchens with cookware and appliances … all the comforts of home. Keeping some breakfast items, snacks and other foods on hand can save big bucks while still having the option of traveling to local area restaurants.

4. Convenience of coming and going – Vacation rentals and holiday homes offer travelers the flexibility in schedules as well as take care of the problems with hotel parking and security issues if late night excursions are part of the vacation plan.

5. Variety in vacation venues – A country cabin, a villa by the lake or a condo overlooking the ocean … variety in lodging is readily available. Swimming pools, game rooms, gourmet kitchens, easy walks to the beach – these amenities are just a few of the things requested when travelers book vacation rentals or holiday homes.

Vacation rentals and holiday homes provide vacationers something different from hotels – a home base in which to travel back and forth to various tourist destinations. Personality and comfortable surroundings are also big selling points with vacation rentals and holiday homes over hotels. The biggest decision however is this: where is the vacation going to be?

About the author: Milan Matchev founder and Manager of Mexico-Holiday-Homes.com and Greece-Holiday-Homes.com

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