It’s important to know the most basic information about Hawaii airports before you plan to travel here. Hawaii doesn’t seem to be close to anything right?

When you book your trip to Hawaii, it should be enjoyable, not a hassle. We thought that we would give you a bit of information here for your benefit to help you learn everything you need to know about our Hawaii airports to keep your travel simple and comfortable.

Hawaii airports
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The Hawaii Airports that are Available to You

You are planning to book a trip to Hawaii, and you are overcome with excitement. Even if you have been here before, it’s always wonderful to come back, right?

It’s important to check with the Airports Division before you travel, so that you know where you can fly into, and where else you might need to connect to get to other islands. It’s important to learn which airports are designated for the island you plan to visit first.

Those that plan to fly into Kauai, will only use two of the Hawaii airports including the Lihue Airport(LH), and the Port Allen Airport (PAK). The primary airport for Kauai is Lihue, and Port Allen Airport is a secondary option with inter-island travel.

Hawaii airports
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Hawaii Airports for the Big Island

It’s no surprise that those flying into the Big Island will see more airports listed for their visit. The Hawaii airports for the main island are:

The Kona International Airport is the main airport for you to fly into the island, while the others essentially serve interisland travel.

The only airport that the island of Lanai has is the Lanai Airport(LNY), which is available to residents, and those that want to travel within the islands!

Hawaii airports
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Hawaii Airports for Maui and Molokai

Those that are traveling to Maui or Molokai will still need to check the information for the right Hawaii Airports as well.

Hana Airport(HNM) is a great airport for those that live in Maui, because it is served by commuter airlines as well as by those that are visiting the city of Hana.

There are two additional airports here as well including the Kuhului Airport(OGG) which is the primary airport for Maui. Kuhului Airport started their renovations in 2011, and have continued to make updates to improve your experience when flying into this airport.

The Kapalua Airport(JHM) is located on the west side of this island, and is only serving commuter planes at this time.

There are only two Hawaii Airports on the island of Molokai including the Kalaupapa Airport(LUP) and the Molokai Airport(MKK).

The main airport for this island is in fact the Molokai Airport, but the residents of the Kalaupapa Settlement and visitors should use Kalaupapa.

Last but not least, what Hawaii Airports serve Oahu?

Hawaii airports
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Hawaii Airports for Oahu

As you plan your trip to visit myself and my wife Vanessa in beautiful Oahu, you will see that there are three airports to choose from. These airports include:

The Honolulu International Airport is the main airport for those flying into Oahu, however those that wish to use commuter flights and those for inter-island travel should check with Dillingham Airfield and Kalaeola Airport.

We hope that this information on Hawaii Airports has been helpful for you, and you can CLICK HERE to book your stay with us now!

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