Is there a difference between Asians (in general) on the mainland and those in Hawaii? Such as a dress difference, attitude difference, even physical difference, etc.
And while we’re on the subject, would anybody like to pinpoint exactly what they believe the difference is among Asians in Asia, Hawaii, and mainland USA?

This is a very interesting question….but its a hard one to answer. This is like asking what is the difference between Caucasians living in England vs the US mainland vs Hawaii. There’s really no real answers to this.
I, being an Asian who lived in Asia, on the US Mainland AND Hawaii, I can give you some general ideas. First of all, there is a difference in attitude and dress no matter what ethic group you are. People in Hawaii tend to dress more casually and are more laid back than most people on the mainland USA. US is a very very diverse country, people from the east coast will dress differently than the west coasts/south/north.
As to the comparison with Asia….that is just WAYYYYY too general…I guess the only thing I can say about that is Asians in Asia are probably more traditional in terms of following the rules of their own culture, whereas Asians in the US are largely 2nd/3rd generations and are less culturally strict….more americanized? I suppose.

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  1. well, in hawaii the population is mainly asian because so many asian immigrants came in before hawaii became a state. but the asians here aren’t asian asian, they’re local and they speak english perfectly, and they’re really tan. There’s nothing really different other than that

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