I need some suggestions and ideas on what to do on a Hawaiian vacation, where to go, best beaches, sites to see…. let me learn from your trip! be as detailed as possible, and thanks in advance!

I would definitely recommend Kauai if have the time. It’s one of the most natural laid back islands in Hawaii. Because it’s the oldest, it has a lot of fine sandy beaches and on most of them, you will be all alone to enjoy it. If you like activities, try hiking the Napali coast. It’s difficult, a little dangerous, and it leads to a secluded beach and waterfall that you can only reach by foot. On the west side of the island, there’s Waimea canyon which is almost like seeing the grand canyon. What a diverse island! However, if you are looking for more of a party scene, you would probably wanna do Waikiki. They’ve got the best night life in Hawaii. You can hike up Diamond Head, check out a luau. (I’ll warn you, poi (gray pasty food) is nasty). Enjoy your trip!

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  2. im in oahu, hawai`i right now. if u like shopping, go to ala maona shopping center (i work there hah) or waikele premium outlets. theres also kahala mall and such. beaches? for a tourist i would recommend waikiki and if ur just planning to look and not invade…try north shore haha. waimea bay is awesome and pearl harbor is nice if u like historical things. polynesian cultural center is cool if u like culturistic things. check up on waterfalls, they can be awesome.
    if ur looking for things to do, i suggest, snorkeling in caves (with awesome fishes), scuba diving (if u know how), surfing (my favorite), boardsailing/windsurfing (another favorite), and pretty much just any water sport. thats wats fun about hawai`i. the constant beauty and the water.

  3. best advice. dont go, hawaii is just a sucker state for tourists, head down south to areas of mexico. Price will be about the same, you will be treated better, and will have better memories… eff hawaii

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