My husband and I are in the early planning stages for a big milestone wedding anniversary. We initially decided on a cruise to Hawaii. Now he is waffling. He thinks Hawaii will be too “touristy”. Well, it probably is, but I’m there for the beautiful scenery. Anyway, he responds best to visual simulation, so is there a movie (drama or comedy) that is filmed in Hawaii that casts it in a very beautiful light. I need to make my husband want to go to Hawaii again. Thank you in advance.

I highly suggest coming to Kauai. I worked as a bartender at the airport in Lihue, and a good 95% of the people told me “This is what I thought Hawaii would be like.” It has law that states quite literally that ‘no building is to be higher off the ground than a coconut tree,’ or about 3 stories, and it’s true, you will never see a building higher off the ground here. There are a ton of movies that were filmed on Kauai, Jurassic Park, 6 Days 7 Nights, South Pacific, Donovan’s Reef is a great example, it was filmed entirely here. Here are a couple more pics to help your husband see the untouched beauty of Kauai:……………
I couldn’t post them all, but type the following key words into yahoo search and show him what comes up: Kauai, Kapaa, Lihue, Hanalei, and Wailua. The first will show you mostly the beauty of the island, and the rest will show you what to expect day to day driving around. I hope this helped, Happy Anniversery!

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  1. Go to the north shore in Oahu and stay at the Turtle Bay Resort. My husband and I stayed on Waikiki Beach for a week and he was ready to go home, we moved over to north shore and loved it!! Very quiet and peaceful….not a lot of tourist.

  2. most definetly go for your anniversary. We went on our 25th and my husband surprized me renewing our vows. he set up an appointment with a priest at a catholic church and brought me there. Didn’t know about it until we got there and the priest was waiting for us. We spent three weeks and visited 6 islands. Maui was my favorite island. I seriously cannot think of anywhere else to go that is so romantic.

  3. 50 first dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore was filmed there. Cute romantic comedy, and some beautiful beach scenes, if I remember correctly.

  4. The big island of Hawaii is less tourity than the rest of the islands my wife is from there and i suggest going on line they have visuals for all the islands i always get my rest and fun in the islands

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