I may be moving to Hawaii about a year from now and sitting for the Hawaii bar. I would like to know how ample legal employement opportunities are. Is it particalarly difficult for a non-Hawaiian to get a job? Are there certain areas of legal practice that predominate in Hawaii? Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks!

Most of the lawyers are located in Honolulu. There are private practices on the other islands (outer islands) but I would suggest that you establish yourself on Oahu first (after passing the bar of course) before considering moving to the outer islands.
Being successful in Hawaii (as a lawyer or any other professional) requires you to have intimate knowledge of the way Hawaii works, meaning how each culture within Hawaii works. You’ll be able to learn that better in Honolulu than on the outer islands (where it’ll be assumed you already know that information).
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  1. This is a great website for information about the different islands and their work related environments. It really helped me when I moved here. Good luck!!!

  2. First, you do not have to be Hawaiian to practice here, and there are law offices on every island. You should pop up a list of attorneys, on each island, and start sending out your resume. If you are good, it will be pretty easy to get a job here.It is up to you what kind of law you want to practice, but I know the auto insurance company’s in Oahu are always looking for lawyers.

  3. Most people aren’t hung up like they are on the mainland. Hawai’ians work it out privately for the most part, or they just forget about it. Live and let live in Hawai’i. What is it with people trying to promote strife?

  4. well one of the best thing that you can do is to do what my om did start with a smaller form and work your way up that’s all i got to say and pick a form that works on mostly the kind of cases that you like all hte suggsettions other then not to move here plz plz plz plz if you do and you go to the west side you will see what just 1 person moveing here can do people say its drugs but some just dont have the oney sences so much people move here….

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