I was just watching a random video on youtube and a Hawaiian woman was saying that Hawaiians dislike when Americans from the mainland go to Hawaii and then say “we’re going back to the USA” when they are leaving, because Hawaii is part of the USA too.
So just made my curious, do you see Hawaii, and Alaska more like different countries than different states?

Well at one point they were actually different countries from the USA. Depending on whether you live on the mainland or not probably changes your opinion on this, as the two before me showed.
I think because people see Hawaii and Alaska as being on separate islands, their cultures are more focused on as being different whilst the mainland has to try and incorporate so many states and their cultures into one history.
So Hawaii’s and Alaska’s cultures are seen, especially by the tourist trades, as being more unique and almost like a completely different country.
Don’t mean to offend anyone with this by the way and i hope this answered your question!

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  1. Not as separate countries, but more like colonies of the USA. Why colonies?
    Alaskans and Hawaiians basically have to export all their raw materials to the “mother country” (lower 48) and buy finished products shipped out of marine ports in Seattle and Los Angeles. This is one of the main complaints the original American colonists had with England. They had to export all their stuff back to England at the crown’s demand, and then British factories turned the raw materials into finished products which were re-imported into the colonies- at the benefit of England’s economy and the suffering of the colonies. Raw materials from Alaska are oil, minerals, and seafood. From Hawaii it’s mostly agricultural products. Both states have to import all their staples and finished good.
    Taxaxtion without representation. Alaska is the largest state in the country, yet geographically speaking 90% of the state has no indoor plumbing or electricity or even basic healthcare. There are third world countries with better facilities than Alaska with it’s one congressional seat. Sure Alaska receives more federal aid than any other state but you have to compare that with what the USA ships to unrelated poor countries with better conditions than Alaska. While the other 49 states have luxuries like roads to their capital city and a bridges that connect the 4th largest city to it’s airport, wanting these things in Alaska are called “bridges to nowhere”. It’s not a bridge to nowhere when you have a medical condition, you need to be medevaced out of the state, but you have to wait for a boat to take you to the airport where the air ambulance is because Palin killed the bridge.
    So to summarize, the states are more like colonies of the United States than they are separate countries OR inclusive states.

  2. Oh, Good Lord…Allow me to be patient enough to deal with some of these answers…
    1) Alaska is not an island
    2) Until the civil war, basically all states were “separate countries”
    3) Both Alaska and Hawaii have the same government benefits that the rest of the states in the USA have.
    4) People saying “going back to the USA” doesn’t just happen in Hawaii, it happens in Alaska too.
    5) Yes, we are a part of the USA, and we take pride in that.
    6) We represent two of the most beautiful states you will find (I think the other states are jealous, that’s why they don’t accept us 😉 )
    7) I do, and always will, consider Alaska and Hawaii as states

  3. Alaska is kind of like that….but it’s fairly American as well. I would say that it is a very unique region within America, but I don’t believe it is a different country, or should be. Many Alaskans are actually strongly patriotic, although there is a party advocating Alaskan independence, it is small and unimportant. Honestly, I consider Alaska to be part of the USA. But in Alaska, I’ve noticed that we are definitely more independent than people in most of the lower 48. I also notice that many Alaskans dislike people from the lower 48. Alaskans definitely have a different way of doing things than people down south, but I would say that we are American and not a different country. Hell, we use the dollar, say the Pledge of Allegiance in school, and there are a hell of a lot of American flags flying around this state.

  4. I’m from Hawaii and I can tell you that all that luau, hula, living in huts sh*t that you see on the Travel channel is fake (Well, it’s not fake, but nobody lives that way anymore). It’s just to bring tourists over, which we need because our state economy depends on it. There are local people who despise mainlanders and don’t want them to visit. Most people could care less. Culturally we are pretty much like the U.S. We have our own quirks, but so does any other part of the U.S (-the south, new england) As for Alaska, I don’t know but I’m pretty sure they’re every part of the U.S. as Hawaii is.

  5. Yes I see Hawaii as a different country. It was until us Americas went over there and took over and had the King of Hawaii at Gun point for there land.
    I also see Alaska as a different country.

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