I’m planning on going to Hawaii for my Honeymoon in October. I already have free flights to and from Hawaii. Where are good sites/travel agency where I can book a package deal for hotel/condo, rental car and one island hop along with possible tourist attractions while I’m there. I want to stay in Maui for 4 days and Waikiki for 2 days.

This site lists great cheap travel sites: http://www.travelbargainsites.com

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  1. Have you checked Travelzoo?
    For cheap tickets to activities once you are there—on Oahu go to “cheap tickets and tours”. This is what we went through and they were a lot cheaper than anything else we found. Just ask your hotel staff where it is located. It is across from the Post Office in Waikiki. Sometimes the employees of “cheap tickets and tours” are handing out flyer’s on the street.
    Have fun on your honeymoon!!~~~~~~~~~~“

  2. Have you tried cruising? I bet it’s best to cruise, especially on Honeymoon in all the islands of Hawaii…you can always rebooked your hotel accomodation on your extended holiday stop once you’ve finihed your 1 week Hawaiian cruise onboard…try NCLA-Pride of Aloha, Pride of Hawaii or the newest-Pride of America to make your Honeymoon worthwhile…
    visit website http://www.NCL.com they offer good deals and honeymoon package on line.., Hawaii is the most romantic place for couples especially for making vows like beach weddings.., not to mention the famous “LU’AO”.., I would never get tired of Hawaii…

  3. I just booked my trip to Maui for next year. Northwest airline was best overall for package, but Hawaaiin Air vacations maybe best for you since you already have to/from flights.
    Have fun

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