So today is a wonderful day…

I just arrived home from a business trip in Las Vegas, eating the world’s best sushi.

In case you want to know, it is called “I Love Sushi Cafe” located just 10 minutes off the strip in Henderson.

Definitely worth the trip if you find yourself there.  In fact, I have been known to fly there for a weekend at a time just to have my favorite, “Mountain Roll”, “Monkey Roll” or “Japanese Lasagna.”

I know, I am crazy to leave Hawaii in search of the best sushi in Nevada, but it’s TRUE!!!

Back to my original thought…..

Today, I get to go up to these properties and spend a few days!  For me and my wife, it is like taking an amazing vacation!

Expressing my gratitude for being able to stay at this property fills my soul with yumminess!

Come enjoy!!

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